Born from the inspiration of a Wendat mother-daughter duo, Lise and Lara founded Onquata. A project that stands out for its offer of hand-painted paddles inspired by First Nations culture. Their creations, stemming from a matriarchal tradition, are imbued with their rich cultural heritage and draw their inspiration from ancestral know-how. The paddles are inspired by the time when they allowed travel by lakes and rivers, in order to meet other nations. Each paddle is hand painted and produced to order and can be a decorative element or used on the water according to the customer’s request.


By producing hand-painted paddles whose colors and patterns are inspired by First Nations culture, Onquata is an ambassador for the cultural heritage of the various Aboriginal nations. Paddles are a vehicle that transcends eras and fashion trends, adapting quite naturally to all types of decor and thus ensuring an ancestral presence in the most varied places. These objects are, moreover, generators of wonder and questions about their symbolism, their meaning or their inspiration, thus opening doors of essential dialogue between people. Also allowing the promulgation of the Aboriginal history of Quebec to less natural clienteles, it is a promotional, historical and cultural vehicle.

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