Activity type: Outdoors

Canoe and Kayak | Canot Légaré


Lorette Golf Club


Nation Santé Spa

Massage therapy, body care, nordic baths, yurts and waterfalls are only the main activities available that await you solo or in groups of up to 25 [...]

Tourilli Sector (outfitting)

The legendary hospitality of the Huron-Wendat Nation permeates the Tourilli sector, located in the Laurentian Wildlife [...]

Akiawenrahk river / Kabir Kouba waterfall

The 28-meter-high Kabir Kouba Falls is overlooked by a 42-meter-deep canyon. From 2007 to 2009, archeological excavations uncovered the remains of the flour, saw and paper mills, built in the 18th [...]

Corridor des cheminots

Cyclists, hikers and rollerbladers Breath in some fresh air on a picturesque destination: Corridor des Cheminots. In the Wendake section, you’ll find a “mosaiculture” representing the emblem [...]

Mocassins Trail

Explore Old Wendake at your own pace and find out why the Huron-Wendat Nation has been there for so [...]

Bear Paws Trail


Rivière-Saint-Charles Linear Park

Explore the magnificent 32 km hiking trail running the length of Saint-Charles River, from its mouth in the Old Port to its source at Saint-Charles [...]

Onywahtehretsih Place

A must in Wendake! Onywahtehretsih place “our ancien roots” offers visitors to take place in the heart of the myths and culture at the west entrance of Old-Wendake. You can listen the “Creation [...]